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The preceding edition of art3G Bordeaux

The preceding edition of art3G Bordeaux attracted more than 15 400 visitors over 3 days, generating 622 sales for the 63 gallery owners present. art3G was able to stimulate the interest of the dense network of local and foreign collectors, by laying the solid foundations of a future big contemporary arts fair on a European scale.


Bordeaux, an exceptional environment

With its urban area of 1 140 000 inhabitants, Bordeaux is the 6th town of France in terms of population, just before Nice. Its exceptional geographical location, close to the ocean and sought after seaside cities (Lacanau, Arcachon, Seignosse, Capbreton, Biscarrosse, Lège-Cap-Ferret and, more to the South Anglet, Hendaye, Saint-Jean-de-Luz, or Biarritz), and 2h from the Pyrénées, makes Bordeaux and its region, an area with a strong economic potential, whose name shines worlwide, thanks to its well-known Bordelais vineyards.


Culture like an emblem

« Ville d’art » since 1975, then «  Ville d’art et d’histoire » since 2009, discerned in 2007 by the World Heritage Committee of Unesco, Bordeaux has always included culture in its political engagements and enjoys a position of undisputed strength. The choice of traditional and avant-garde art is rife, the places dedicated to its creation and diffusion are numerous, diverse and open to all expressions: institutional sites, prestigious museums such as the CAPC, the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez, the FRAC, the musée des Beaux-Arts or that of the Arts décoratifs, etc., as well as private sites, sumptuous galleries and a dense network of associations and artistic collectives.


A region with a strong purchasing power

With more than 12 000 households subject to wealth tax, Bordeaux is one of the most affluent regions in France, without taking into account the numerous villages and castles of the surrounding vineyards that house a multitude of local fortunes, including Chinese and Belgian millionaires who invest into the castles in the region, either for the production of wine from Bordeaux or to develop them into luxury bed and breakfasts within the most beautiful buildings of Bordeaux, destined for their compatriots in the region. Apart from the historical side of Bordeaux, there are also a number of luxury properties in the seaside cities of the Côte d'Argent. The wine, property and industrial heritage of the region are witness to its solid bill of health.


The exhibition centre of Bordeaux

Perfectly served, accessible, and close to the northern motorway, it is 10 mins from the International airport of Mérignac. The Exhibition centre of Bordeaux « Parc des Expositions » covers an area of 30 ha. Welcoming more than 400 events and 1,5 million people throughout the year, it is a very beautiful tool that people from Bordeaux are familiar with since 1969 and the construction of the new halls in 2005. It has an 8000 place parking area.





art3G fairs are dedicated exclusively to galleries

Contrary to the art3f fairs, that welcome artists and galleries alike, the art3G fairs are dedicated exclusively to galleries. The galleries, after having filed an application, are selected by a selection committee made up of 3 gallery owners and 3 collectors. The number of exhibitors is voluntarily limited to sixty per edition.


art3G, the winning formula of the art3f fairs, applied to galleries

The art3G concept, that prioritises a direct relationship between the new European creation and art enthusiasts, is widely acclaimed by the public.
Reflected by an average attendance rate of 16 000 visitors over 3 days, during the fairs organised in the towns of Mulhouse, Nantes, Bordeaux, Nice, Montpellier, Lyon, (and Metz in art3f in March 2015). On average, 72% of these visitors come to an art3f or art3G fair, with the intention of buying a work of art. Those who do, have discovered a work of art that meets their expectations and budget. So, for a hundred exhibitors at each edition, there are on average 613 works of art that are sold at each fair.

These figures can be explained by the communication strategy conducted for each fair. It is made up of two components:

  • one is the general public, through which art3g communicates, thanks to mass media. Urban and peri-urban advertising (several hundred 4x3 signs for each edition), local media via advertising material (press and magazines), as well as via media coverage ( press articles, TV reports, radio interviews)

  • a specific component pointed in 2 directions: the media and opinion-makers specialised in art (advertising in specialised press, personal invitation from local, identified collectors), as well as the dispatching of 50 000 paper invitations sent directly to the entrepreneurs, liberal professions, households subject to income tax (solidarity tax on wealth for households whose net taxable heritage exceeds the 1,3 million Euros) of the region, representing the core target of the arts market.


The technical choices

The technical choices, such as the use of 3m high partitions covered in brushed cotton (several colours to choose from) and new generation LED spots, present the works of art in an optimal light, just as the plan of the fair, where alleyways and open spaces meander around a wine bar where a wine waiter officiates and where drinks are available, as well as light meals (seafood, gourmet dishes, etc.) All of these factors make visiting an art3G fair, a very pleasant experience, where epicurism and conviviality are rife (the average length of a visit is 4 hours).



A few figures
In France, works of art are bought:

• 41% at fairs/exhibitions
• 25% in art galleries
• 15% on the internet
• 11% in auction rooms
• 8% other

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